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Terri decided to seek services from Trinity In-Home Care to help her maintain motivation and health. Her Trinity In-Home Care employee, Valerie, helps Terri with daily chores, such as vacuuming, washing dishes, and running errands.  With Valerie’s help, Terri completes more of these tasks herself than she would be able to otherwise. As Terri puts it, “I can do a lot of these things myself; I just need motivation.  Valerie’s great.”  Valerie also aids Terri  in keeping her health in check.  Since Terri is diabetic, assistance with shopping for nutritious groceries and reminders to take her medication are imperative. Terri works for the Kansas Union on the university campus, so she appreciates the extra time Trinity In-Home Care's assistance provides when she is at home. “I get the cleaning and shopping done when Valerie’s here, so I can have some time to watch game shows or go to dinner with my friends.”  What does Terri like most about TIHC’s services? “It gives me more freedom.  I can get the help I need and still live independently.” 



Don has been a Trinity In-Home Care client for over two years. He is glad to have Trinity In-Home Care. Don enjoys learning, loves reading-- everything from books and magazines to newspaper-- history, and collecting. He also likes helping friends get around by giving them rides. Don needs assistance taking care of his home due to physical and health conditions, reporting that it's a "blessing to get help." He is very happy with Trinity In-Home Care and appreciates that Trinity In-Home Care "helps people with small budgets." He say Trinity In-Home Care employees are "compassionate" with "good hearts." Without Trinity In-Home Care, Don would be unable to tend to his home or keep up with his interests. We live in a "society that needs good social workers that can adjust to clients needs," which is exactly what Trinity In-Home Care does.


The Davis Family

“Trinity In-Home Care is a lifesaver!” Since Trinity In-Home Care has been with the Davis’ their quality of life has improved. The services provide not only help for Lessie; they also help his wife Lillie. Lillie suffers from a sore back so tasks like vacuuming cause pain and discomfort. Having support for those jobs, along with respite care is a blessing. Angie, their DSP, has been with them since they started services over 3 years ago and they could not be could not be happier with her. “She does everything I ask her too.” Angie is wonderful; she’ll even help with jobs like setting up the family’s Christmas tree. “I feel safe with Angie. I can run out for an errand and know that my husband is taken care of. I trust her completely. I am thankful and appreciate all the help that Trinity In-Home Care provides!”



Roger’s life, as a result of a severe car accident, has changed dramatically. He once owned a snack machine company, as well as a medical uniform company. After deciding to sell his companies and try retirement, Roger decided to become a school bus driver. After several years on the job, he was a victim of a tragic car accident, which severely injured his back to the point that doctors were not sure he would be able to walk again. Despite the odds and numerous surgeries, Roger persevered and is able to walk with a walker, despite pain and dizziness. Roger has been a client of Trinity In-Home Care for several months. He gets assistance with various household chores and bathing. Roger describes services as “great!” Sunnie, his DSP is “very pleasant and wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.” Since being able to walk again, Roger is working hard to maintain the most independence possible, however he is extremely pleased that Sunnie is there to provide support. He jokes that sometimes “I have to hold her back from doing things. She is always eager to help me out.” Roger is very pleased with services and what Trinity In-Home Care allows him to do. “I’d highly recommend them.”