Emergency and Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP)

Business Continuity and Disaster Preparedness Plan

Last updated March 5, 2015


Business Name:   Trinity In-Home Care, Inc

Address:               2201 W. 25th St. Ste. Q

                             Lawrence, KS  66047

Phone:                  785-842-3159

Website:               www.tihc.org

Director’s emailmegan@tihc.org


If this location is not accessible, secondary meeting location is:

Address:     2331 Bryce Dr., Lawrence, KS  66047 (Go south—toward Target—from the intersection of Clinton Pkwy and Kasold.  Take the first street on the left—after the business park—Yellowstone.  Turn left onto Bryce Dr.  Tan house on the left side of cul-de-sac.)

Phone:        913-568-4424


The following person is our primary crisis manager and spokesperson:

Primary Contact:          Megan Poindexter, Executive Director

Cell phone:                    913-568-4424

Alternate phone: 785-393-4344

Email:                  megan@tihc.org   or   meganr_76@yahoo.com


If the primary contact is unavailable, the person to succeed in management:

Secondary Contact:      Scott Criqui, Assistant Director

Cell phone:                    785-760-2484

Alternate phone:           785-220-5056

Email:                            scott@tihc.org    or   scott.criqui@yahoo.com



Dial 9-1-1 in an Emergency

Non-Emergency Police/ Fire:   785-843-0250




Building/ Insurance providers:

General Liability, etc:             Accident Fund, Chris Conrade,          (316) 283-0096

Property:                                 Accident Fund, Chris Conrade,          (316) 283-0096

Workers Comp:                       Accident Fund, Chris Conrade,          (316) 283-0096

Building/ Studs Out:               CEK Insurance (through Business World Association)


Emergency Planning Team

The following people will participate in emergency planning and crisis management:

·         Megan Poindexter, Executive Director

·         Scott Criqui, Assistant Director

·         Lori Heasty, B of Dir. –cell:785-691-5924, home:785-841-4964, work:785-84-4700


Critical Operations

The following in a prioritized list of our critical operations, staff and procedures we would need in order to recover from a disaster.


After following the instructions located in the Communications section of this plan, continue with the following procedure should a true disaster occur.  When the severity of the situation is determined based on volume of patients in the disaster area, the local Red Cross will need to be contacted to determine if an emergency shelter will need to be established.


1. Client and Employee Safety Confirmation

In order to contact clients and employees to ensure their safety, the following priority calls will be made.  Phone numbers can be accessed via the ADLware website. https://my.adlware.com/56368 If unable to contact clients by phone, you may have to drive to their home depending on the location and severity of the disaster.  Advise clients that they are to utilize their local emergency sources such as the Red Cross and the ER if they are without power and need life-sustaining support, like oxygen.  Attached is a list of resources clients can utilize.


2. Order of contact:

·         Clients dependant on any form of life-sustaining device which could be compromised

·         Clients who live alone

·         Clients who have limited back-up plans

·         DSPs and clients not-yet-accounted-for will receive an email and a text asking check in, and asking DSPs to check-in with their clients and report back.  By marking off everyone else we have heard from, admin staff will then begin contacting anyone who doesn’t respond by phone, and if necessary, by driving to their home.


3. Financial Security

·         Access bank records/ QuickBooks back-up by contacting Curtis or Garrett at Desktop and Data Solutions, (785) 856-2998  helpdesk@dtanddata.com

·         Access billing and payroll records via above contact, and via ADLware


4. Business Procedures

·         Written procedures for all administrative office functions are on the server and a hard-copy is available at TIHC in the COoP folder in Megan’s desk, or at Megan’s house in the file cabinet in the upstairs closet.

·         Contact Desktop and Data Solutions to assist with computer functions, access to QuickBooks and other server data.

·         Interim office space would be located at the United Way, 2518 Ridge Ct, until a new office location is identified. 


Contracting Agencies Contact Info- the following agencies will be alerted to the status of TIHC’s operations, should operations be compromised.


KDHE             785-296-1500             (Work Healthy can also be reached this way)

KDAD            785-296-4986


            Sunflower                   913-217-0062

            United HealthCare      913-333-4013

            AmeriGroup                1-800-454-3730

Authenticare   800-441-4667

JAAA              785-235-1367

PACE (Midland Care Connections)   785-232-2044

Cottonwood CDDO               785-842-0550

VA                  800-827-1000

United Way    785-843-6626

**Gina Paton with Business World office park: 785-766-4263

**ADLWare   877-893-0881



Exits are clearly marked, if we must leave the workplace quickly.  Doors are located at the front reception room, the back office, and the old air-lock door can be unlocked with a thumb-lock.



Tornado: Anyone inside the TIHC office is advised to take cover in the restroom on the 1st floor.  However, there is sufficient advanced warning and time permits, go Paisano’s Restaurant north of TIHC’s office to take cover in their basement (or any of the offices in the Holiday shopping strip).


Fire: There are 2 smoke alarms within the TIHC office that are checked annually.  There are 2 fire extinguishers; one on the second floor and one next to the bathrooms.  The person who sees the fire is obligated to call 9-1-1.  Evacuate through the nearest exit (back door, thumb-lock on the air-lock door, door in the reception area).  2nd and 3rd floor escape plan includes drop-ladder to be used at window at the stair-landing on the way to 3rd floor.

Assembly site: The back-dock staircase of the Office Depot, across the parking lot to the north-east.

Assembly site manager and alternates:  Megan Poindexter, Scott Criqui

Priority actions include:

·         Call 9-1-1. 

·         Alert the employees at the Silver Clipper next door to evacuate, and attempt to notify the employees at the additional two businesses to the west of TIHC.

·         If time permits, collect server and any additional current employee and current client paperwork.  A key is located on the right-hand side of refrigerator. 

·         Account for all individuals who were inside the TIHC office to ensure evacuation.  Take special note of any employees who may be trapped on the 2nd or 3rd floor. 

·         Notify the Director (if not present) and the President of the Board of Directors.


Flood: It is unlikely that TIHC’s office would be impacted by a flood, as it is far outside the flood plain.  However, in the case of a flood, movement to higher ground north of the office is advised, and staff are discouraged from leaving in their car until authorities can assure safety on the road.


Megan Poindexter or the official authorities are permitted to issue the “all clear”.



We will communicate emergency plans with co-workers in the following ways:

All administrative staff and board members will be provided with printed copies of this policy.  It will be reviewed no later than April of each year, as well as whenever there is a change.


A modified version of this COoP is on the www.tihc.org website on the Resources page, with the full version in the “back” for admin staff to access.


In the event of a disaster, we will communicate with employees in the following way:

·         If it becomes necessary to shut down the office due to weather or other emergency, every effort will be made to notify employees. 

·         Office administrative staff: Contact the director.  If there is no answer, contact the Assistant Director.  If no answer within a hour of normal start time, or as soon as possible, secure your family and if the environment is safe, report to the office.  If the environment is unsafe, continue to attempt to reach management to receive emergency office instructions.

·         DSPs: If there is a question as to whether a DSPs should complete a scheduled visit with a client, first check the TIHC website.  If no web access, call the office.  No matter what, however, contact the client to ascertain their safety, and be prepared to contact 9-1-1 if a client is in danger.



In the case the media makes inquiries of any nature, the only people who should communicate on behalf of TIHC are the Executive Director and the President of the Board of Directors, unless someone else is otherwise temporarily appointed by the director or the president. 


The answer to any question posed to anyone besides the approved spokesperson is: No comment.



To protect our computer hardware, we will:

Back up computer systems are replaced every Friday by Desktop and Data Services.  They store the back up to the server. Curtis or Garrett at Desktop and Data Solutions, (785) 856-2998  helpdesk@dtanddata.com

Each computer station has virus protection and malware updated regularly and maintained by Desktop and Data Services.


If computers are destroyed, we will use/ borrow laptops while working at the following location:

Directors office located at 2331 Bryce Dr., Lawrence, KS  66047. (see directions above)



Desktop and Data Solutions: Curtis or Garrett at Desktop and Data Solutions, (785) 856-2998  helpdesk@dtanddata.com

Douglas County Emergency Contact List


Lawrence Memorial Hospital

325 Maine St.

Lawrence, KS  66044



American Red Cross

2518 Ridge Court

Lawrence, KS 66046



Douglas County Health Department

200 Maine

Lawrence, KS  66044

Kim Ens—emergency preparedness coordinator



Douglas County Emergency Management

*Responsible for area emergency preparedness plan for Douglas County

Terri Smith- Coordinator                    Chris Lesser- LEPC Chairperson

111 E. 11th St.

Lawrence, KS  66044

785-838-2459; fax 785-832-5101       785-832-5259; fax 785-832-5101


Douglas County Sheriff:      785-843-0250







Medical emergencies: Call 9-1-1                    Non-emergency police/ fire: 785-843-0250

Trinity In-Home Care: 785-842-3159           www.tihc.org


Disaster Readiness

Fire:    Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

Have a fire escape/ emergency exit plan and practice it.

Have one smoke detector per floor and change batteries regularly.

If you are on oxygen therapy, absolutely NO smoking.

Violent storms/ Tornadoes:    Get to protective shelter immediately.

                                                Use a portable radio (battery operated).

                                                Get into an interior room without windows and take cover.

                                                Contact a neighbor, family member, etc for help.

Additional Emergency Contact Information

Douglas County Emergency Contact List (All Disasters)

Lawrence Memorial Hospital            785-505-5000              Red Cross       785-843-3550

325 Maine, Lawrence, KS                                           2518 Ridge Ct., Lawrence, KS

                                                                                    Call for Red Cross Shelter Agreements

Douglas County Health Department 785-843-0721

200 Maine, Lawrence, KS  66044

Douglas County Emergency Management    785-832-2459

111 E. 11th St., Lawrence, KS


Have emergency numbers in an easily accessible place, near a phone if possible.

Eliminate wet surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

Remove protruding tables or chairs that obstruct a safe exit.

Keep pathways clear; remove obstructing boxes, etc. from stairwells.

Have adequate lighting for stairs and hallways

Stairs should have no-slip surface and handrails

Install non-slip surfaces in tubs/ showers.

Utilize assistive devices such as grab bars, or shower seats or hand-held showers if needed.

Remove throw rugs and scattered clothing that cause tripping.

Loose carpet or worn carpet should be replaced or repaired.

Replace worn or frayed electrical cords.

Do not stand in water or liquids when using electrical devices.

Do not touch electrical/ medical devises with wet hands.

All medical equipment should have a properly grounded wall outlet.

Insure extension cords are heavy enough or use surge protectors.

Do not overload circuits/ surge protectors—insure outlets are cool to the touch.

Keep electrical cords out from under rugs or moveable furniture.

Never remove or bypass the found prong on an electrical plug.

Insure space heaters and safe and located properly.

Store flammable liquids safely.

Loose clothing should not be worn around open flames.

Clear outside porches, stairways and walkways of snow and ice.


Dated product storage: Watch expirations dates and discard when expired.  Refrigerate supplies if instructed. Protect supplies from extremes temperatures.

Hazardous Materials and Waste: Bag contaminated disposables separately from other waste and dispose of properly.  Empty suction jars and commode buckets into toilet and clean after each use.  Use gloves/ personal protection equipment when handling contaminated disposables.

Life Support Program: If a members of your household depends on approved medical equipment which requires electricity, contact your Electric Service Provider (ESP) for special instructions on coping with unplanned outages.  Your ESP will need info to qualify you for Life Support Program.