DSP Team Meetings

Team Meetings take place the last Wednesday of each month at 8 am, 12 pm, and 4 pm. Meetings take about an hour and include news and updates, a brief training, and time for discussion. Light refreshments provided.

May 29 Stroke— A stroke can mean enormous changes to your health, lifestyle and independence. Learn the risk factors for stroke and possibly save a life! We will also cover rehabilitation and how we as caregivers can help clients grow their independence.

June 26 Bathing and Personal Care—Many of TIHC’s clients need assistance with ‘personal care’.  Learn more about what that includes and grow your knowledge about how to do it safely for you and your client!

Transfer Training

Learn how to safely transfer a client (from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, etc.). This free training is offered as needed; Time(s) can vary. Call or email the office at 785-842-3159 or schedule@tihc.org to sign up for training!


Quarterly Training Opportunities

These semi-regular training opportunities require a greater time commitment and are optional, yet will provide you with significant learning opportunities. Watch your email for more information.