DSP Team Meetings

Team Meetings take place the last Wednesday of each month at 8 am, 12 pm, and 4 pm. Meetings take about an hour and include news and updates, a brief training, and time for discussion. Light refreshments provided.


Upcoming 2018 DSP Training Dates

Oct. 31: BLOOD CLOTS— It’s Halloween, so let’s talk about blood! But seriously, blood clots are scary and can have a wide variety of short and long term health impacts. They can even be fatal. Join us to learn more.

Nov. 28: WINTER WEATHER PREPARATION— Snow (might be) coming! Winter in Kansas is wacky and unpredictable. Learn how to help your client (and you!) be prepared for whatever this winter might bring!

Dec. 26: Canceled… Happy Holidays!

Transfer Training

Learn how to safely transfer a client (from bed to wheelchair, wheelchair to toilet, etc.). This free training is offered as needed; Time(s) can vary. Call or email megan at 785-842-3159 or megan@tihc.org to schedule your training!


Quarterly Training Opportunities

These semi-regular training opportunities require a greater time commitment and are optional, yet will provide you with significant learning opportunities. Watch your email for more information.