TIHC’s Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video outlining TIHC's services, our history, what you can expect from our Direct Support Professionals and associated procedures. 


What you can expect from Trinity In-Home Care:

The staff at Trinity In-Home Care (TIHC) wants to do our best at matching services to your individual needs.  YOU are part of the TIHC team! Your feedback and cooperation allow us to provide optimal care, including non-medical personal support, light housekeeping, errand running, grocery shopping, transportation within Douglas County, and a variety of other services.  We can be flexible to your changing needs or life situations.  Call us and we will be happy to adjust your service plan!                                                                       

What TIHC does not provide:

Please remember that TIHC cannot provide medical care to clients. If you are unsure if your needed care is “medical”, please call the office for a determination.  If you need medical care, we are happy to help you connect with a medical in-home nursing agency to assist you with those needs at any time.  TIHC can still provide any non-medical services you still wish to have at the same time.

All cleaning supplies and personal care items must be provided by YOU. TIHC’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) can perform light housekeeping, but they are not trained housekeepers and are not authorized to provide deep-cleaning.  A list of approved housekeeping tasks is available through the office.         

Your responsibilities:

  • Your DSP is required to clock in as soon as they arrive, so please have your phone ready and available.

  • In addition to working with the office to set up your desired schedule, you are welcome to work directly with you DSP to adjust your schedule.  If your DSP cannot accommodate your desired changes, you are to notify the office.  We can set a new schedule, and if necessary, assign a new DSP.

  • If you do not cancel a shift in a reasonable amount of time, TIHC reserves the right to bill you for 1 hour of service at your regular rate.  This includes temporary relocation (to hospital, rehab, etc).

  • If your DSP does not call or arrive within 15 minutes of a scheduled shift please call the TIHC office.

  • If your worker is expected and does not arrive, please contact us so we can confirm the worker's location and reschedule your services as needed.

  • Please notify the office immediately with any change in address, mailing address or phone number.

  • Please prepare to provide your DSP with instructions. TIHC considers each client as an individual and recognizes that each person has their preferences and priorities, and our DSPs are prepared to provide services in the manner in which you request.

How to schedule your services:

At TIHC, we work TOGETHER to schedule your DSP.  More flexibility in your desired schedule allows TIHC to assign a DSP for your services more quickly. While TIHC cannot guarantee the availability of our DSPs, it is more likely that support can be arranged when we have more advance notice.  If you would like to make a schedule change or add more hours, contact our office during business hours and we will assist you.                       


TIHC carries liability insurance, workers compensation, and unemployment coverage on all employees. However, TIHC does not assume responsibility for your lost, stolen, or damaged items. Please continue to protect yourself by taking basic precautions when other people are in your home. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office.                               


DO NOT pay your DSP directly for services! If you are paying privately or you have a client obligation, you will receive a monthly invoice. Payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.  If bills are past due, TIHC reserves the right to put your services on hold until they are paid in full.  Acceptable forms of payment include cash, check, money order, and major credit cards. Automatic withdrawal is available upon request.

Gas reimbursement for errands or transportation by your DSP will appear on your monthly invoice.

What if I am not satisfied with the services I’m receiving?

If you feel that your needs are not fully being met or that you are dissatisfied with your DSP’s performance, please call the TIHC office right away.  We want to provide you with the complete care you deserve and for your experience with TIHC to be a great one!    

  Do you take Long Term Care Insurance?

The best Long Term Care policies are designed to help keep you in your home! As a licensed home health agency in the state of Kansas, TIHC is eligible to provide services that may be covered under your Long  Term Care (LTC) policy.  We will provide you the necessary documentation each month with your invoice in order for you to receive all eligible reimbursements from your LTC for the cost of your care from TIHC.  Please call to inquire further.