Due to the large number of DSPs who request time off we now require absence (fill in) requests two weeks prior to their start.

Step 1: Inform your client that you will be unavailable during your regularly scheduled shift

Step 2: Ask if they would prefer to reschedule your shift for another time you are available or would prefer a fill in

Step 3: If they would prefer a fill in, complete the following form.

Please complete the following form with as much information as possible. Thank you!

Employee Name *
Employee Name
During Winter Break (Monday, Dec 10th- Tuesday, Jan 22nd) *
This time of year, about one-third of our DSP staff leave for at least some portion of KU’s Winter Break. Also, many non-student DSPs understandably request days off around the holidays. However, our clients’ needs do not take a holiday. In order for us to continue to meet those needs, we ask DSPs who are able to pick up any fill-in shifts to do so. It doesn’t have to be a huge number; each fill in staffed helps us fulfill our mission to assist clients to remain healthy and living independently throughout the year.
To request a fill-in shift please complete the following section
My client(s) needs a fill in :
Please try to give the administrative office as much time as you can. Staffing fill-ins especially can take a good deal of time.
Please include the name of the client, the shift needed and if there is any specific information the office or the DSP filling in needs to know. ex: John Doe on Tues 11/22 & Thurs 11/24 from 3-6 pm and Jane Smith Wed 11/23 from 1-5 pm. John 's shift starts at 3 pm but you should be there waiting for his bus by 2:50 (in case it is early). Also, Jane just had surgery and cannot eat solid foods.