Light Housekeeping?


At Trinity In-Home Care, a common request is assistance with light housekeeping.  But, this is difficult to define, as each person’s expectations for housekeeping is as individual as the person!  Because of this, we find that a lot of misunderstandings can come from this one task.

What is Light Housekeeping?

Light housekeeping is just one of the overall tasks TIHC’s caregivers provide.  The duties you can expect are those necessary to keep your home orderly so you can enjoy a safe, healthy environment.  You are encouraged to describe to your caregiver your preferences and priorities for cleaning, especially if your caregiver is limited in their time in your home.

Examples of Light Housekeeping from your TIHC caregiver may include any of the following:

• Laundry (machine washing, drying, folding, putting back into drawers, hanging up)

• Changing bed linens

• If your caregiver makes a meal, prep dishes will be cleaned and put away

• Other dishes will also be cleaned and put away

• Wipe down of kitchen counters and other kitchen surfaces wiped

• Removing expired food from the refrigerator

• Wiping down bathroom countertops, mirrors, sinks and shower/tub after bathing

• Maintenance-level cleaning of toilet

• If a toileting accident occurs, cleaning immediate area as needed

• Dusting of surfaces and knickknacks

• Watering plants

• Gathering trash and taking trash to the collection spot

• Vacuuming and sweeping of general living space and walkways

• Organizing drawers and closets

• Tidying the general living space

• And, your caregiver will clean up after themselves while in your home.

What isn’t covered by TIHC’s Light Housekeeping?

Light housekeeping is restricted to the client and the client’s living space, and is not intended to address the needs of other household members. 

Trinity In-Home Care is not a professional housekeeping service and our caregivers do not have special housekeeping training. 

TIHC caregivers do not bring housekeeping supplies or products with them.  Your caregiver can take you grocery shopping so you can get your preferred cleaning supplies.

Tasks which are not part of TIHC’s light housekeeping services include:

• Washing windows

• Moving heavy furniture

• Deep cleaning or shampooing carpets or scrubbing floors

• Cleaning excessive toilet-area matter

• Scrubbing of shower/ tub

What if my home needs more deep-cleaning or special cleaning which isn’t part of the TIHC services?

If your home requires cleaning outside of what we offer, TIHC can connect you to a professional housekeeping service for those needs.  The TIHC caregivers can help you maintain your home’s cleanliness going forward. Please call the office for referrals to a professional housekeeping company.

What about Light Yard Work?

If you have light yard work requests, please call the TIHC office to describe what you need.  TIHC has a few caregivers who enjoy light yard work and they may be available when you place your request. This can include re-potting of plants, tidying a flower garden in the spring and sweeping off porches.  Light yard work does not include mowing, raking leaves, heavy equipment, shoveling sidewalks or pulling weeds.  If your yard needs significant work, TIHC can refer you to a professional landscaping/ yard work company.


If you have questions about your housekeeping or yard work needs, please call the TIHC office at 785-842-3159.